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“Horror of the Drive-Thru: A SUNFLOWER Story” – Selfpubbed E-Zine (Gumroad)

“Lovebird” – X-R-A-Y Lit Mag (Pushcart & Best of the Net Nominated)

“michael scott dies of cancer” – Maudlin House

“The Problem With Hank” – Bear Creek Gazette

“Trauma Novelle” – Denmark: An Eyes Wide Shut Anthology

“Cutting Room” – X-R-A-Y Lit Mag

“MOUSE” – Rejection Letters

“I’m not a Lebowski, Lebowski” – HAD (poetry)

“Daddy” – Excuse Me Mag

“Permanent Punctuation” w/KKUURRTT – Back Patio Press

“Replacement Child” – BULL: Men’s Fiction

“In Sickness & In Sickness” – The Pinch

“trailer” – The Daily Drunk

“i once saw nicolas cage in an airport” – In-Flight: A Zine About Airports

“lady at the mailbox” & “dental pick” & “both ways” – Back Patio Press (poetry)

“His Mother’s Dildo” – BOOTH (CNF)

“How Does Your Light Shine” – Atticus Review: Superunknown series (CNF)

“It’s A Small World” – The Normal School: Pop Culture Special Issue

“Matchstick 66” – F(r)iction (CNF)

“HECK” – Expat Press (an excerpt from Heck, Texas)

“Nikki” – Fiction International 53: Algorithm

“gun on bike” and “Amare Vulgaris” – Fiction International 52: BODY

“Your Name Comes From Him” – HOBART (CNF)

Author Talk – “Iris” – Superstition Review

“The Last Cloud Coil” – Free State Review: Heavenly Creatures Contest

“Brewing Perfect Coffee” – Maudlin House

“Reg” – Rougarou

“Peach” – Carve Magazine

“Iris” – Superstition Review: 21

“Jelly” – Le Scat Noir

“Fast Food Fetus” – Le Scat Noir

“Max Ophüls” – Le Scat Noir Encyclopaedia

“Hold That Note” – Ocotillo Review (poetry)

“HOT COFFEE” – Permafrost Issue 40.1 (poetry)

Six photos – Rumble Fish Quarterly (photography)

“Acid Sunset” – bad pony (photography)

“Neighborhood” – Crab Fat (photography)

“A Monster Lives Here” – Hobart (photography)


Review of SUNFLOWER by Thomas Chisholm – F(r)iction

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2022 Best of the Net Nomination – “Lovebird” (X-R-A-Y Magazine)

2022 Screencraft Comedy Contest Quarterfinalist – Stay Up: A Hollywood Odyssey (feature)

2022 Outstanding Screenplays Quarterfinalist – Stay Up: A Hollywood Odyssey (feature)

2022 Screencraft Screenwriting Fellowship Quarterfinalist – Sometimes the Devil Wins (feature)

2022 Emerging Screenwriters Genre Contest Quarterfinalist – Stay Up: A Hollywood Odyssey (feature)

2021 Screencraft Feature Contest Finalist – Sometimes the Devil Wins (feature)

2021 Pushcart Nomination – “Lovebird” (X-R-A-Y Magazine)

2021 Academy Nicholl Fellowship Top 10% – Fix Daddy (feature)

2021 Academy Nicholl Fellowship Top 15% – Sometimes the Devil Wins (feature)

2021 Script Pipeline Competition Semifinalist – Sometimes the Devil Wins (feature)

2021 Screencraft Comedy Contest Quarterfinalist – Fix Daddy (feature)

2021 BlueCat Screenwriting Competition Quarterfinalist – Jack Rabbit (TV pilot)

2021 Screencraft Screenwriting Fellowship Quarterfinalist – Fix Daddy (feature)

2020 Humanitias David and Lynn Angell College Comedy Fellowship Winner – Fix Daddy (feature)

2020 Screencraft TV Pilot Contest Quarterfinalist – Jack Rabbit (TV Pilot)

2020 Split/Lip Press Semifinalist – Sunflower (novel)

2020 Screencraft Comedy Contest – Fix Daddy (feature)

2020 The Script Lab Screenplay Contest Quarterfinalist – Jack Rabbit (TV Pilot)

2019 Fiction Prize Shortlist – Into The Void Magazine

2019 Dzanc Book Prize Longlist – Violent Candy (short story collection)

2019 Noemi Press Prose Award Finalist – Sunflower (novel)

2019 Fiction Contest Finalist – Sonora Review

2019 Pinch Literary Award Finalist – The Pinch

2018 Fiction Prize Shortlist – Into The Void Magazine

2018 Cinestory Fellowship Semifinalist – Austin, Texas (screenplay)

2018 Academy Nicholls Fellowship Top 20% – Austin, Texas (screenplay)

2018 Prose Award Winner – Carve Magazine

2017 Fiction Contest Finalist – Fairy Tale Review

2017 American Short Fiction Prize Semifinalist – American Short Fiction